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TOP 22 Water Small Business Ideas to Start in 2023

Here are 20 water-based small business ideas that may require low investment:

1.Production Sachet water

sahet water package

Dril a borehole and purified the water into “pure water” by RO water treatment machine. Then filling pure water into the sachet for packaging and selling by the sachet water packaging machine.

It is an very simple factory invest which you can start it at house. And raw water is borehole which is cheap. The packaging materials is pe film which also very cheap.

2.Easy 5 Gallon Bottle water Station

100BPH 5gallon bottling line

Use borehole or city water as source water, then RO water treatment machine to filter it and production pure water. Then filler the pure water into the 5 gallon reuse bottle. Before filling, the 5 gallon bottle must be washing a lot times. After filling, it need pressure 5 gallon cap.

So that you got a Easy 5 Gallon Bottle water Station

3.Water delivery service:

This involves delivering bottled water to homes and businesses in your local area.

4.Mobile water filtration service:

250L RO water filter

You can offer a mobile water filtration service that helps people purify their water on the go.

It can production 250l per hour. Know more about the 250LPH RO Industrial Water Filter System

500LPH Mobile RO Water Filtration Machine

5.Water testing and analysis:

You can offer water testing and analysis services to help people determine the quality of their water and identify any contaminants.

6.Water conservation consulting:

You can offer consulting services to help businesses and individuals reduce their water usage and save money on their water bills.

7.RO Water treatment equipment sales and service:

1000LPH RO Water Purification

You can sell and service reverse osmosis systems, and water filtration systems.

NEPTUNE MACHINERY offer different capacity of production RO water treatment machine.

8.Water bottle refilling station:

RO water vending machine

You can set up a water bottle refilling station at a busy location, such as a park or a sporting event, to help reduce plastic waste.

Know more about the water vending machine

9.Water bottle customization:

You can offer customization services for water bottles, such as adding logos or personalized designs.

10.Water-based sports equipment rental:

You can rent out water-based sports equipment, such as kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and rafts.

11.Pool cleaning and maintenance:

You can offer pool cleaning and maintenance services to homeowners and businesses.

12.Water park design and construction:

You can design and construct water parks for clients.

13.Water-based adventure tours:

You can offer guided tours of water-based activities, such as kayaking, snorkeling, or white water rafting.

14.Water-based fitness classes:

You can offer water-based fitness classes, such as aqua aerobics or stand-up paddleboard yoga.

15.making and selling Plastic Water-Bottle

800 MINI PET Bottle blowing molding machine water bottle

You can buy an bottle blowing machine for making plastic water bottle for sale.

Usually per bottle can profit $ 0.01-0.02. But everyday can production 19000 psc bottle. So everyday can profit $190-$380

Know more about bottle blowing machine

16.Water feature design and installation:

You can design and install water features such as fountains and pondless waterfalls.

17.Irrigation system design and installation:

You can design and install irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties.

18.Swimming pool installation:

You can install swimming pools for residential and commercial properties.

19.Water-based event planning:

You can plan and coordinate water-based events, such as beach parties or boat regattas.

20.Water-based product development:

You can develop and sell water-based products, such as water bottles or water filtration systems.

21.Water-based education and training:

You can offer educational and training services related to water, such as water safety courses or water conservation workshops.

22.Water-based event rentals:

You can rent out water-based equipment and facilities for events, such as inflatable water slides or poolside cabanas.

It is important to research the local market and competition before starting a small business to ensure that there is demand for your product or service. It may also be helpful to consult with a business mentor or seek the guidance of a lawyer or accountant to ensure that you have a solid foundation for your business.