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2000BPH Water Bottle Manufacturing Machine 4 Cavity

water bottle manufacturing machine 4 Cavity

What this price included:

14cavity bottle blower1 SET
2Rotating oven;1 SET
3HP & LP Air compressor; 1.5M3/min 30KG1 SET
40.6m3 Air Tank1 SET
5Refrigeration Air Dryer; 1.0M3/3.0Mpa1 SET
6Air filter 1.5m3/min 30KG2SET
74Cavity blow mold (200-2000ml)1SET
8Mold Air-Cooling Cooling the mold to make sure machine continued running1SET
9Spare part1SET

2000BPH Water Bottle Manufacturing Machine for production plastic pet bottle for sport drink, mineral water, purified water and vitamin water bottle package.

One blower with 4 Cavity

The blow mold have 4 cavity. It can produce 4 piece plastic pet bottle once. Because of mold size limit. Its only can produce biggest plastic water bottle is 1 liter.

More High Speed With Lesst Cost

Its capacity of production can reach 2500 bottles per hour which is as faster as automatic blow molding machine. But its cost only 30% of automatic blow molding machine. It half bottled water company save large number of invest on the blowing machine.

Automatic fall down bottle

After produced plastic pet bottle. The water bottle manufacturing machine will auto fall the plastic pet bottle down through an passageway. So that can easy collect plastic water bottle.

Save Labor With Less Cost

Its design automatic fall down plastic bottle system which save large labor cost. And what is more, it cut an moving bottle step. So it can increase the machine capacity of production.

Technique Parameter of the water bottle manufacturing machine

Product materialPET
Volume200ml 333ml 500ml 555ml 600ml 700ml 750ml 800ml 1000ml
It can not use to produce bottle big than 1liter
Theoretical output2500PCS/H, Once produce 4psc bottle
Preform length55mm-150mm
Preform inner diameterΦ20mm-30mm
Max. mould plate Dimension (L x W)460×330×160MM
Max. mould thickness180mm
Clamping force45KN
Mould opening stroke160mm
Main machine (L x W x H)1660x820x2150MM
Main machine weight1000Kg
Heater (L x W x H)2160x580x1350
Heater weight300Kg

advanced water bottle manufacturing machine

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It has the advantages of energy-saving, small size, low investment, (fast money back), efficient, and reasonable structure and is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetic, pesticide-killer, chemical and beverage packaging industries.

Air compressor offer high pressure air both for machine blowing and opretion. For air pressure stable, so that need an air tank for storage air. Because of the air is use for blow plastic bottle, if dirty will pollution inside of the plastic bottle. So need air filler and air dryer, then add another air filter after air dryer. If weather is hot and factory hot, and long time use mold is super hot. So that need fit an mold-cooling to cool the mold. Use air type mold cool will not pollution factory floor with an lot water. Just an little expensive than water mold cooling.

Whole Blow molding Machine running process

process of blow molding machine working

Character of 4 cavity plastic bottle manufacturing machine

1. Microcomputer control, easy to operate.
2. Heating part is IR heating tube, controlled by imported controlling silicon. The moving part is equipped with three phases motor, and drived by frequency changing part.
3. There are left and right cylinders in sealing stretching part. the stretching length can be adjusted automatically, and the time for air blowing can be adjusted freely. the bottle blowing can benefit from doing so.
4. The waste air can be exhausted from a silencer inside the machine. It reduces the possibility of creating water drop, and is prevented from making noise.
5. There are two air storage barrels inside the main machine and one high, one low, pressure-reducing valve.

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How does the blow molding machine work?

Blow molding process for plastic pet bottle 1

It is made use of air pressure to blowing heating well preform into idea plastic bottle, And because preform in the idea mold, so that final plastic bottle shape decide by the mold.
Worker need manual insert preform on heating oven. And got the heating well preform to the blowing machine. Then press the button and blow the air into the preform. So that the preform will blowing into idea plastic bottle according the bottle mold.

What Is Materials Of Blow Molding Machine ?

hollow hard tube pet preform

It is a hollow hare tube which also called pet preform. The preform is molding by injection molding machine. The preforms are strong and small. 1psc 40HQ container can filler 600 thousands piece which is easy package and freight.