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factory of blow molding machine room

Neptune Machinery was founded in 2010, It is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of bottling machines for the pure water, mineral/spring water, carbonated drink, juice beverage in South of China. We have been dedicated to make it easy for customer to open one water bottling factory. We provide over 70 types of products, including water purification machine, bottle washing filling capping machine, blow molding machine, bottle labeling & packing machine and more.Moreover, Neptune Machinery has found markets in over 60 countries Eritrea, Tanzania, Seychelles Libya, Morocco, Guinea, Liberia, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Angola Botswana, South Africa, Mauritius, Iraq, Qatar, India, Sri Lanka, Burma,Russia, Malaysia, Philippines, Azerbaijan,Suriname, Peru, United States.

Sri Lanka president visit neptune water bottling plant 1

Neptune Machinery is China TOP original water bottling plant manufacturer. Customer just need order and offer us brand information. We will printing well customer logo on the machine and as customer factory to ship machine to any seaport of world. We will respossible all China export process. Made it easy for customer start own brand of water bottling plant.

Neptune machine water bottling plant is friendly use. Its design is smart so that made it easy for opretion. Its good quality make sure over 30years lifetime

Our vision: Make it easy to start bottled water business.

customer enjoy success with neptune water bottling plant

Neptune Machinery believes that only our customers achieve sustainably economic success and then we can develop and grow together. Our corporate philosophy and decision-making strictly follow this principle. We listen carefully to our customers and study their ideas, and then offer high quality, customized and feasible products.

Of course, it is far from enough. We regard every customer as our partners, and provide service, support and advice for factory planning, installation, training, operation and product marketing from an integrated perspective, no matter if they buy individual components or complete production lines.

All the machines and equipments we sold have gone through goverment inspection before shipment, and come with regular spare parts and tools, and plus our excellent after-sales service, which in the long run, can avoid many expensive downtimes for our customers.



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SONCAP Certificate


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Every step is important

Over 20 years success water bottling line project experienced. To avoid detours.

small bottle design

100% Precise Water Bottle Design Free

Two way optional bottle design. We will scanning the really plastic bottle and produce the 100% precise bottle design according customer offer the really plastic bottle. Or offer 50psc worldwide bottle design for choice.

complete water bottling line from A to Z  factorty layout

98% Precise Factory Room Design Free

Customer offer factory production room size and then confirm which bottling line. We will do the professional production layout which easy lead customer modify production room and final bottling line will according it to produce size and connection.

label design for small bottle water

100% Precise Label Design Free

Offer logo design, and customer offer some information and picture which want show on the label.Then we will let professional label design do the creative design. Beauty and experiended. 100% free and do not have copyright issue.


Do neptune company offer oversea installation ?

Yes. We offer engineer aboard installation.
Because recent 3 years covid -19 limit, we only can send Africa branch maneger engineer fly to different Country installation.

How to got & fit materials ?

Water bottling line usually have 4kind of materials: preform, cap, label and wrap film. You can buy it first time from Neptune and future find them from local market which save the freight cost.

How is the quality of neptune water bottling machinery ?

1. Technology stable and do not change.
Bottling machine main technology do not change over 30years.
2. Push quality high by supplier.
Even steel quality is more better than before in China. Every spare part have hundred or thousand supplier in China. Highly competitive lead quality is very important. Bad quality supplier will fast collapse and disappear. All of our supplier quality is updated, our worker quality also increase because all new young is college graduate. Our bottling machine are been push high quality every year.
3. Price transparent
A big number bottling machine factory competitive in China. It lead every factory price must transparent. Inflated price will lead factory closed at first year.