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Bottled Water Production Plant NEP-S2000

Bottled Water Production Plant NEP-S2000 complete set from beginning to the end

It is an pro bottled water production plant for first start bottled water business. Whole line need 7workers but production speed can reach 2000 bottles/hour.

Small invest bottled water plant for first start bottle water business who still want an little bigger production. 60% of this line is aumatic and other part is semiautomatic.

Capacity of production2000 Bottles per hour
Fit bottle volume200ml to 1000ml
Filling Water1.5 T/H
Washing Water0.5 T/H
Shipment container1 psc 40HQ container
Production room size120 Square meter

Working process of the NEP-S2000 bottled water production plant

Firstly, the bottle blow molding machine, It is use to heating preform and blowing preform into idea shape plastic bottle according the bottle mold.

Secondly, the water purification machine, it is use removed all suspended, substance , bacteria and virus. Produce bottled water standard pure water.

Third, the washing filling capping machine, it the key machine use to washing plastic bottle, filled water into the bottle and capping the bottled water.

Fourth, the labeling machine, it is use to labeling the bottled water. Fifth, the date printing machine, it is use printing produce date on bottled water.

Sixth, the wrap packing machine, it is use to wrap 6/12/24 psc bottled water in one bag, then heating the film to got it tight the package.

2000 bottles per hour capacity water bottle manufacturing machine with 4 cavity that once can produce 4 psc water bottle

2000BPH Water Bottle Manufacturing Machine 4 Cavity

It once produce 4 piece plastic water bottle. Only can use to blowing 200ml to 1000ml plastic water.

After blower, the plastic bottle will automatic fall down to save labor cost.

2000LPH RO water Purification

RO water purification machine

RO system for producing drinking water.Removed raw water’s suspended solids, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, minerals such as iron, manganese , sulphur, and man-made chemical pollutants.

semiautomatic shink labeling system

semi shink labeling system

Worker manual labeling the bottle, then the bottle water go through shrink tunnel and the PVC label will get tight on the bottle because of the high temperature hot gas.

Water Bottle Filling Machine

2000BPH MonoBlock Water Bottling Machine

Monoblck water bottling machine collect rinser, filler and capper in one machine. Eevery washing head, filling head, capping head working is moving with bottle at the same time. So that it is conitinued production without stop.

Capacity2000 Bottles Per Hour (48000Bottles Per Day-24Hours)
Inkjet printer

Bottle-Water Inkjet Expire Time Jet Printer

wrapping shrink package machine for water bottle

semiautomatic Shrink Wrapping Machine For Bottle

It can be use to packing 6/12/24 piece bottle water in one package

Stable Bottled Water Production Plant NEP-S2000

It is an pro bottled water production plant for first start bottled water business. Whole line need 7workers but production speed can reach 2000 bottles/hour.

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