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$46k Turnkey Water Bottling Machine Plant delivery to the door In tainland

If you do not have experienced of import machine. If you are worried about money safe. If you are worried about installation and trainning. If you are in Tainland and want start bottle water business. Do not hesitate and contact us.

A really turnkey water bottling plant delivery to your factory in Tainland. And professional engineer come your factory and install well water bottling line without extra cost(Maybe need you take care of their living and eating closed your factory).

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  1. Turnkey TD-1000 water bottling line
  2. Delivery to your factory in Tainland
  3. Install well do not need extra cost
  4. Professional seller(Mong kutwattana hospital) in Tainland help you

TD-1000 water bottling line is different with nep-1000 water bottling line, nep-1000 water bottling line price is FOB price for worldwide. And TD-1000 water bottling line is specially for Tainland customer who want really turnkey solution. It included servise directly delivery to your factory in Tainland. The shipment cost freight cost and import cost are included in 46k dollar price. What is more. It included the engineer come install cost. It will be respossible by Mong kutwattana hospital in Tainland which you can trust.

What tD-1000 water bottling line included?

This water bottling line included bottle blowing machine that can making your own unique plastic water bottle. We offer the bottle design. And the washing filling capping labeling machine 4-in-1 make it easy and save labor cost. The water purification system is use the best reverse osmosis system. The final packaging is use wrapping film shrink packing machine.