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Sparking Water Filling Machine

sparkling water filling capping machine

fob price $ 16,000.00

4-in-1 Sparking water filling machine

The 4-in-1 sparking water filling machine collect mixer, rinser, filler and capper together.

The sparking water bottling machine for bottled package carbonated water, sparking water, soda water and gas water.

Production capacity1500 bottles per hour
Washing head8
filling head8
capping head3
Filling Temperature2-5 degree
Filling TypeBalanced Pressure Filling
Size2000*1800*2100mm, 700*700*1200mm

Sparking water filling Machine Type:

1.Entering and Exit Bottle Type: Straight line, that is bottle entering on the left side of the chain, bottle exit on the right side of the chain.

2.Rotational Direction of Each Machine: Clockwise;

3.Washing, Filling Pipeline: Liquid Supplying in the lower

Structural Design: The sanitary demands is thought completely in the unit.

1.The filling cylinder, filling valve and all of parts which touch the materials are all made of micro-carbon stainless steel. It has good corrosion-proof characteristics and it is easily washed.

2.The work table is covered with stainless steel and strictly sealed to protect the driving device in the ground frame. It is helpful for washing table and keep clean.

Filling Quality: High-speed, high-quality filling valve ensure good filling quality.

1.Filling Valve used in DCGF Type Washing, Filling, Capping (Three-in-One) Unit has high filling efficiency. Its registered filling speed is 110ml/s, no filling loss, no leak in exhausting pipe.

2.The liquid level in bottle controls correctly. Its height error is different with the bottle neck diameter. Normally, it does not surpass ±5mm.

Capping Quality:

Capping adopts magnetic screw capping. The screwing cap moment is adjustable steplessly to reduce cap damaging and the seal is tightly.

The run is steady:

The design of the bottle chain and material ensure steady supplement of bottles. The start wheel and bottle guide plate are made of stainless steel and engineering plastic product to ensure bottle steady moving at high speed.

Operation is safe and reliable.

It has high automation level. It has auto control system.  It adopts converter stepless gonvernor. The unit adopts PLC programmable control. If there is no bottle on the line, the machine will not fill. If a broken bottle is found, the machine will auto close the filling valve. If there is a bottle on the line, the cap will put down on it. If there is no bottle on the line, a cap will not be put down.

1.It adopts frequency controller to govern steplessly. The speed adjustment is very convenient.

2.It has safe and reliable auto filling system. No-Bottle no-opening valve safe device makes filled liquid no lose.

3.The liquid level of the floating ball is installed to control correctly the liquid height in the filling cylinder to make the filling valve work steadily.

4.It has auto-stop protection while bottle is blocked and start wheel displaces. Once a bottle is dropped and the driving wheel is blocked to make the star wheel displaces, the machine will auto stops at once to avoid the machine damaging.