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Water Bottle 20 ltr Jar Making Machine Price

Got the factory directly selling 20 ltr jar making machine price

20 ltr jar making machine price cheap factory directly selling. It is used to blowing preform into 10liter to 20 liter plastic pet bottle. It is widely like by water and oil industry.

20 ltr jar making machine just need 1 worker labor. It is been famous to produce and blowing 5 gallon recycling pet plastic bottle. The 5 gallon bottle is most used for package mineral water.

Bottle Volume10L-25L (3-6Gallon)
Capacity output60 Bottle Per Hour
Preform length15mm-460mm
Preform inner diameter5mm-200mm
Max.mould plate Dimenstion(L x W) 420x500mm
Max.mould thickness400mm
Clamping force330KN
Blower machine(L x W x H) 218*77*196cm
Blower weight1000Kg
Blower Heater(L x W x H) 237*68*165cm
Heater weight380Kg
Heater Power30kw

What an full set 20 ltr jar making machine included:

20ltr bottle blow molding machine

Small size and compact construction with no space waste.
Easy to operate and maintain ,operation by one person .
Saving power and uneasy to worn out ,Adopting new double crank four bars to lock mould, the cross fixed. Providing high pressure blowing system.

Fully set Included:

BM-S25L Blow Molding Machine
HP Air Compressor 1.2m3/min; 30Kg
Air dryer(Inside 2 air filters) 2.0 m3/min ;30Kg
Inner heater
Blow Mold 5-25L
Spare parts
Air pipe


We can provide performs ,cap and various bottle molds for 5 gallon and 3gallon bottles to meet customer’s requirements.

advanced 20 ltr jar making machine

20 ltr bottle making machine

The 5 Gallon Bottle Blow Molding Machine is very easy to use, take small room. And price is cheap.

Bottle Design

5gallon bottle design

Offer experienced bottle design for choice. Most 5gallon bottle do not have too much different or unqiue design. 5Gallon bottle key is reuse. So most bottle water company and customer do not take important of the 5gallon design.

Nice product

nice bottle

It Produce Beauty 5gallon PET Bottle Reach PC Bottle Standard.

Video of the 5gallon bottle blowing machine

YouTube player
Video of the 5gallon water bottle blowing machine

The worker put the pre-preform on heating oven, after heating well by oven, Worker moving the preform to the inner heater to heating inside of the 5gallon preform.

Then worker put it on the 5gallon blowing unit and press the button. The 5gallon blowing equipment will blowing the preform into 5gallon plastic pet bottle.

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What different between PET 20ltr bottle With PC 20ltr bottle?

PC 20ltr bottle is more strong and beauty than PET 20ltr bottle. But PC bottle making machine is very expensive about 80k dollar. The PET 20ltr bottle 20 ltr jar making machine only cost 14k dollar.

How long can 20ltr pet bottle use?

It can use 1 year. Then will have a little old so that need change or sell. It will give customer good impression by change bottle at timely.

How much an preform cost to make 20ltr bottle?

You can use 700g 750g and 800g to produce different thickness 20ltr bottle. Mostly use 750gram preform which price is $ 1.7 per one.

Where we can buy preform Materials from?

You can buy it from local or some oil-Country. Preform is molding by pet which is an kind of oil periphery materials. Also, you can buy from NEPTUNE. We will profit 5% from selling the preform which included a lot China freight and export process cost. It just help customer more easy start the 20ltr bottle or water business.