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Pet Bottle Making Machine For 3-10Liter Plastic Bottle

Pet Bottle Making Machine For 3-10Liter Plastic Bottle

fob price $ 10,460.00

What this price included?

High pressure air compressor(1.2M3/min 30KG); Brand Shangair1 SET
Air Dryer(2.0m3/min 30kg)1 SET
Air Filter(2.0m3/min 30kg)2 SET
Blow Mold 10L1SET
Spare part & High pressure Pipe1SET

small invest easy use

This pet bottle making machine invest small to start making your unique middle sacle plastic pet bottle. Stop buy plastic bottle from supplier which freight empty plastic cost high and save middle process cost.

Easy change mold

It is easy to change blow mold to produce different shape and volume pet plastic bottle. So that can fit market market consumption change. Also, you can production and selling plastic pet bottle for different customer.

Friendly use

The pet bottle blowing machine is also equipped with muffler and oiling system to lubricate the mechanical part of the machine.

The PET bottle making machine is used to making middle sacle pet plastic bottle volume from 3 liter to 10 liter. It is heating and blowing pet preform into plastic bottle. The plastic bottle is very thin so that usually used to container water, beverage and oil.

Bottle Volume3L-10L, 1 gallon ,2 gallon, 3 gallon
Capacity of output250PCS/H
Preform length15mm-460mm
Preform inner diameterΦ15mm-200mm
Max.mould plate Dimenstion(L x W)470x500mm
Max.mould thickness370mm
Clamping force100KN
Mould opening stroke350mm
Blower machine (L x W x H)193*72*183cm
Blower Main machine weight800Kg
Heater size (L x W x H)187*63*145cm
Heater weight250Kg
Heater Power17.5kw

Why Use Pet Plastic Bottle Container Cooking Oil?

But glasses bottle easy broken which lead cook oil flow everywhere while plastic bottle will not easy broken even a lot collision.

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Customer worried about the cooking oil quality so that an transparent cooking-oil-bottle can let customer at a glance of the oil.

It will help a lo cooking oil company increase sales volume.


Glass bottle is also heavy while plastic bottle is light. Lower than 1liter cooking oil bottle sometimes use glassess. But most bigger than 2liter cooking oil bottle is use the pet plastic bottle.

It is not only strong and not easy broken. But also very light to carry for customer.