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24-24-8 Fast Monoblock Bottle Filling Machine

12000bph monoblock water bottling machine all-included for water bottle package

Description of 24-24-8 Fast Monoblock Water Bottling Machine

24-24-8 Monoblock bottle filling machine collect rinser, filler and capper in one bottling machine. Every valve is working on the bottle while moving together with the bottle. So that it is continued bottling without stop to waiting any bottle.

It has advantages, such as high automation level, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient and simple operation, safe and reliable and adjustable continuous production capacity and others. It is an ideal no-gas liquid filling production equipment in the country.

It is mainly suitable for filling and capping of round or square polyester bottles. According to the demands of different specifications of users, it is only changed a little in design to meet the user’s demands.

Capacity Scale of Bottle: 200—2000ml;

Drink Kind: Mineral Water, Pure Water, Fruit Juice, Wine and other no-gas liquid.

MODELNP 24-24-8
Production Capacity8000-10000 bottles/h
Washing Head Quantity24
Filling Valve Quantity24
Capping Head Quantity8
Filling TemperatureNormal temperature
Filling TypeConstant Pressure Filling
Main Motor Power3KW
Ordering-Cap Motor Power0.09KW
Cap Elevating Motor Power0.34KW
Washing Pump Power0.37KW
Liquid Inlet Pump Power0.55KW
Air Convey Motor1.1KW
Reflux Pump0.37KW
Consume Water1.8T/h ( Un-including drink water)
Control TypePLC
Central Diameter of Filling Valve¢960mm
Central Diameter of Capping Machine¢320mm
Central Diameter of Washing Machine¢960mm
Dimension2950 X 2250X2300mm
Net Weight:4000kg  

Composing of 24-24-8 Fast Monoblock Bottle Filling Machine

  • 1) Rinsing system: Rinsing gripper dial, separating water dial, water trough
  • 2) Filling system: Liquid tank, filling valves, controlling rings
  • 3) Capping system: Screwing capper, cap sorter, falling cap guide

working process of 24-24-8 Fast Monoblock Bottle Filling Machine

The Monoblock Bottle Filling Machine works as follows: Bottles are fed from conveyor chain into the filling machine monoblock via star wheel. Bottle clamp installed on the rotary wheel of the rinse will grip bottle mouth and make a 180° turn along a guide track to face the bottle mouth downward. In designated section of the rinse, rinsing water will jet out from special nozzles to flush bottle inside wall.

After rinsing and dripping, bottles gripped by bottle clamp will make another 180° turn along a guide track to resume bottle mouth facing up position. Clean bottles are discharged out of the rinse by a star wheel to feed the filler.

After entering the filler, bottles are retained by neck supporting carrier plates, which are actuated by bottle carrier mechanism to raise them to engage with filling valves. Filling valves are opened by bottle presence signals.

After finishing filling, valves are closed by valve closing mechanism to further stop venting to complete the filling process. Bottle carrier mechanism is lowered by a cam to disengage filled bottles with filling valves.

Then bottles are transferred into the capper by a neck handling star wheel. Anti-rotation blades on capping heads will seize the bottleneck to prevent it from rotation and hold it in a upright position.

The twist-on capping head will make revolving and rotating movement along with the machine to finish the complete capping process of cap picking, placing, twisting, and disengaging under the control of a cam. A discharge star wheel discharges finished bottles onto discharge conveyor belt to be conveyed out of the filling monoblock.

Main features of 24-24-8 Fast Monoblock Bottle Filling Machine

1.Bottle in feed

  1. Bottle in feed by combination of in feed screw and in feed star wheel
  2. Equipped with bottle jam protection device.


rinser on around disk for washing bottle water. Inside of the monoblock bottling machine
  1. The rotary wheel is a fully AISI304 stainless steel welded structure.
  2. The high efficiency atomizing spray nozzle installed on bottle clamp incorporating technology from Spaying Systems Co. Ltd., is capable of cleaning any part of bottle inner wall, and also saves rinsing water.
  3. Covering of bottle clamps and elevator are product of IGUS
  4. The rinse is driven by driving system positioned inside machine frame via gear transmission.


24psc filler head filling part of the monoblock water bottling machine
  1. The filler is designed and manufactured with application of Italy technology, providing hardware guarantee for securing product quality and reducing loss.
  2. Rotary wheel are fully made of stainless steel AISI304.
  3. Filling valves are designed and manufactured with German technology, made of AISI316L, featuring high filling accuracy and high filling speed.
  4. Bottles are raised and lowered by cam controlled lifting cylinder. Valve opening mechanism is actuated by air cylinder.
  5. All sliding bushes of lifting device use Igus (Germany) anti-corrosion maintenance free bearing.


right part is the 8 psc rinser head washing part of the water bottling machine

1) The capper is most precise part in 3 in 1 filling machine, because the quality of machine is important to running credibility and product quality.

2) The cover track has the device to prevent the reversal cover from passing and pick out the reversal cover. Meanwhile the photoelectric switch can stop the machine automatically when there is no cover on the track, by which it can avoid bottle without cover effectively.

3) It also has the bottle check-up switch. Together with cylinder on the joint of the cover track and cover lift, they can control the cover flow and stop it in case no bottle to reduce the quantity of cover.

4) Highly effective acentric way for cap sorting to reduce the abrasion.

5) It has the check-up device to control the cover lift.

Cap washing and loading

water cap loading and washing machine for monoblock bottling machine

Just fall down a box of cap. Then it will automatic loading the cap. The transfer cap cage will sending the cap through the cap washing machine. The cap washing machine included medicine hot washing and pure water washing two part. Every part washing connection lonely with the liquid tank.

5. Main configuration

1)Material of filling valve and liquid tank is 304

2) Main motor:National brand

3) Sliding bearing:Taiwan

4) Frequency inverter: MITSUBISHI

5) Touch screen:Taiwan


7) Pneumatic components:Airtac

8) Seals:National brand

9) Photocell switch and proximity switch:Taiwan

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