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0.2-2Liter Small Sacle Water Bottling Machine

Water Bottle Filling Machine

2000BPH MonoBlock Water Bottling Machine

Monoblck water bottling machine collect rinser, filler and capper in one machine. Eevery washing head, filling head, capping head working is moving with bottle at the same time. So that it is conitinued production without stop.

Capacity2000 Bottles Per Hour (48000Bottles Per Day-24Hours)
16-12-6 water bottlong machine collect rinser filler and capper in one mono block machine. It is rotary type filling machine.

4000BPH Water Bottling Machine

It included 16psc washing head, 12psc filling head, 6psc capping head. Inlet bottle is air conveyor while outlet is conveyor belt. Whole bottling process is control by PLC. Highly automated and advanced.

Capacity4000 Bottles Per Hour (96000Bottles Per Day-24Hours)
2000bph Water Bottling Machine

4in1 Semiautomatic Water Bottling Machine

4in1 Semi Bottling is a commercial semiaumatic water bottling machine used for washing, filling, capping and labeling any bottle range from 200ml to 2 liters. 

Capacity2000 Bottles Per Hour (48000Bottles Per Day-24Hours)
Fast bottled water filling machine for sale. 24psc filling valve , 24psc washing valve and 8 psc capper head.

10000BPH Water Bottling Machine

Fast and stable bottled water machine. It capacity of production can reach 10000 bottles per hour. Easy adjust the capacity of production by the frequency converter

Capacity10000 Bottles Per Hour (240000Bottles Per Day-24Hours)