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How to Make Plastic water bottle? (3 Step)

Own your unique plastic water bottle different with others. Save freight cost. Save room for storage empty bottle which take room.
This article is descripe how to make plastic water bottle in 3 step.

1. Buy a bottle blowing machine

water bottle making machine for 200ml to 2liiter plastic water bottle

First you need confirm what capacity of production do you. Different production effect price a lot. At the same capacity condition. The bottle blowing machine is the most expensive machine of an water bottling plant. So, usually need confirm bottle blowing machine first and then decide other bottling machine. According budget different. Optional:
Semiautomatic bottle blowing machine
Automatic bottle blowing machine

2. Confirm Bottle Volume, Decide Bottle Design

1500ml bottle design nice design

You need confirm what volume of bottle you want to manufacturing. Different volume bottle may need different blow molding machine.
Like 1liter bottle is cheaper a lot than 20l bottle machine at the same codition. Because 20liter blower size big and air compressor system need more big.
NEPTUNE MACHINE offer two way for bottle design. First, customer can DHL us the really bottle sample, we will use machine scanning the bottle design. Then maybe need do a little modify to anti copyright. Second, customer can choice bottle design from our experienced bottle design, neptune machine have hundreds different bottle design.

3. Buy The Pet Preform

hollow hard tube pet preform scaled

Pet preform is the materials of the plastic water bottle. You can buy it from local or closed Country. Also you can buy it from China. The pet preform is smaller which take few room. 1PSC 40HQ container can filler half a million piece that can use for a long time.