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How a housewife profit 300k dollar per year start a water bottling company in africa

In 2012, Tigst, a housewife come from Eritrea. Because of some Eritrea law, man of Eritrea cannot aboard. Her come to China and visit us.


Her visit our factory and love our machine very much. And immediately decide buy nep-S2000 water bottling line from us.
Her made the payment and back her Country. Then we hurry finished produce in 30days and shipment.
Some month later, we hear good news from her.
Tigst:” Martin, everybody love our water, it is very pure, we don’t add anything into water, it is a little sweet “
Martin:” purified water is taste a little natural sweet, but it don’t add anything, just because human being feeling”
Tigst” thank you very much. We beat our competitors in local and now enter our capital market. “

Eritrea Country TV interview Tigst, and her become a hero in her Country

It also helpful to us. Because The next year 2013, another housewife Mebrat come China and buy an new nep-S2000 from us.

image 3

Mebrat nephew is the install engineer in Eritrea for tigst, Her nephew tell her, Neptune machinery quality is the best in his install experience.

When Mebrat come China and order the machine Membrane tell us” I contact a lot company like k-m, but final choice neptune, do you know why?”
First, is because the install engineer for tigst is her nephew
Second, is when am visits tigst plant, i saw her like a success women arrange worker do thing, that feeling like tigst back have sunshine, I want be the women like. Tigst

Now every some years tigst and membrane buy spare part from us, it is over 10years, still good running.

Tigst keep contact with us, like her competitors is closed , like her go Taiwan for treatment, her tell us because of drinking long time unclean water before, which we don’t know if it is this reason

Mebrat tell us her hear that Some new competitors because of law goods delay on seaport over 3years. The new competitors bought machine from other China company before her, but that China company have too much inside step process delay delivery. When their goods arrived Eritrea seaport and just face laws change. And delay in the seaport 3years mean trouble endless.

image 5

Mebrat also come visit us in 2018, her say” Martin , do you know why am coming this time, “ am not for business, am just come and thank you. Thanks for your working, it change my life .
Her visits my family and my boy like her very much.

I also ask her ,how much did her profit per year if convenient tell us.
Her tell us “ over 300k dollar a lot per year “

Every we still got message of thanking meet us every year The water bottle plant business change her life. To be a hero in her Country