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A lady Open an bottled water company Profit 200k dollar in Eritrea

2013-12 Mebrat who come from Eritrea, Her come China and visit us, Before her come China, her visit an plant of our customer in Eritrea. Who also an lady named Tigst, tigst come China 2012 and buy an nep-S2000bph bottling line from us. Tigst profit big and defeated


Local other bottle water brand. Win more bigger market every year. Let back to Mebrat, her saw tigst success business and want copy her success. Usually In the novel, mebrat will failure. But in real life, copy is the high probability success way. Her directly copy same machine and same materials from us. Then her success.

image 2

My wife just pregnancy while mebrat come 1th time at 2013

image 3

When Mebrat come 2th time, My daughter is 4year old and my son is 2year old.

image 4

The 2th time visit us, Mebrat is just thanks me and buy some spare part. Because really good member, I directly ask her how much her profit per year. I also very interesting in. What am Surprised isher profit over 200,000dollar per year.

It is in an Africa Country. And it is an lady who do not speak English and not very good at machine before. Just an semiautomatic water bottling line from Neptune.

Her said it is lucky for face me and buy machine from us. Her know some other competitor who machine bad quality. And lose money in the same business. Both mebrat and tigst say our machine is the best machine in Her Country.

image 5

Because Eritrea no good at internet so very few picture feedback from her.