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20 Famous pure water brands

Here are 20 famous pure water brands:

  1. Aquafina – produced by PepsiCo
  2. Dasani – produced by The Coca-Cola Company
  3. Evian – produced by Danone
  4. Nestle Pure Life – produced by Nestle
  5. Fiji Water – produced by The Fiji Water Company
  6. Voss – produced by Voss of Norway
  7. Glacier Water – produced by Glacier Water Services, Inc.
  8. Crystal Geyser – produced by Crystal Geyser Water Company
  9. Deer Park – produced by Nestle
  10. Ice Mountain – produced by Nestle
  11. Ozarka – produced by Nestle
  12. Poland Spring – produced by Nestle
  13. Zephyrhills – produced by Nestle
  14. Arrowhead – produced by Nestle
  15. PureLife – produced by Nestle
  16. Resource – produced by Danone
  17. Sparkletts – produced by DS Services of America
  18. Topo Chico – produced by The Coca-Cola Company
  19. PureLife Purified Water – produced by Nestle
  20. Super Chill – produced by Super Chill Products, Inc.

Pure water is popular because it is a essential for human survival and is necessary for many bodily functions. It is also widely available, inexpensive, and has a neutral taste, making it a convenient choice for hydration and cooking.

Pure water is defined as water that is free from impurities, such as minerals, salts, bacteria, and other contaminants. It is often produced through a process called reverse osmosis, which removes impurities from water by forcing it through a semipermeable membrane. Pure water is also produced through distillation, which involves boiling water and collecting the steam that is produced, as the impurities in the water are left behind.

In addition to its practical uses, pure water is also often perceived as a healthier choice because it does not contain any added ingredients or contaminants. Many people choose to drink pure water in an effort to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy lifestyle.