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First Start Bottled Water Filling Line NEP-1000

First Start Bottled Water Filling Line Nep-1000

NEP-1000BPH bottled water filling line is the choice for most beginners for bottled water business. Every machine is smart design with unique funcation. It is basic at least complete line for water bottling production.

Model NEP-1000, It is the world most easy and popular bottled water filling line. Widely use to bottler 200ml to 2000ml small bottle water. Complete bottling line included bottle making machine, water treatment machine, washing filling capping machine, labeling machine and bottle package machine.

NEP-1000BPH water bottling line is design and manufacturer by neptune in 2012. It updated a lot time to be very advanced. Now it is the newest water bottling plant.

Volume of bottle0.2 Liter-2 Liter
Capacity of production1000 Bottles per hour depend on 500ml bottle
800 Bottles per hour depend on 1000ml bottle
600 Bottles per hour depend on 1500ml bottle
Production room inquiryat least 80 square meter
Total power70kw
Shipment container40hq container
ProductPure bottle water, Mineral bottled water, Spring bottle water and other bottle drinks.

Video of Advanced Bottled Water Filling Line

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NEPTUNE MACHINERY are the really manufacturer of water bottling plant for worldwide.

NEP-1000BPH water bottling plant every machine is usefull and high quality. You can through the video feeling our machine strong and stable. Some company copy or similar our machine. But they are thin and weak.

Every bottle water production line has its advantages and disadvantages. We just need choice the one advantages are what we love while its disadvantage are what we can accept or don’t care about.


  1. Cheapest NEP-1000 Bottling line for first start bottle water business.
  2. Small production room inquiry complete bottling line just take 70square-200square meter production room. A lot bottle water factory start it at an normal building. Not need special find an factory room.


  1. A lot labor inquiry. About 11 workers.
  2. Speed is slow. Just 1000 bottles per hour. 24hours per day just 24000 bottles production depend on 500ml bottle water.
  3. Worker hand touch the outside of the plastic bottle when conveyor bottle to next process. It is not very good for bottled water Contactless production

Good quality bottled water bottling line

NEP 1000BPH bottling ine
Only need 70square meter factory at least

Good quality. NEP-1000BPH semi-automatic water bottling line is working placidly and reliable and easy to operate and maintain have low failure rate.

Layout Of The NEP-1000 Bottled Water Filling Line

Layout of the NEP-1000 mini water bottling plant

Whole nep-1000bph bottling line only need an 70square meter production factory.

You can start it in an lot house. It is better for first floor which closed to the road. Because truck easy freight finished bottled water to market.

Make your own Unique plastic bottle

800 MINI PET Bottle blowing molding machine water bottle
Blow your own plastic bottle

NEP-1000 water bottling line is small invest to start the bottled water business. But it still included the bottle blowing machine.

You can buy preform and blowing it into your unique plastic bottle in your factory.

Save the freight empty plastic bottle cost. What’s more, fast blowing container and finished filler will be better for bottled water quality.

Free bottle design, professional and beauty

1500ml bottle design nice design

Over 20years bottled water experienced. We can find any bottle design drawing mistake and at the drawing step avoid detour like actually bottle waddled.

We use the most professional scanning and design system, make sure the bottle design same with the final really bottle. Accurate without mistake.

Bottled Water Label Design

a beaty bottle label design 1

The most professional bottled water label design, make sure your final bottled water beaty like an art.

All this work is free.

Best quality mold

1500ml and 500ml bottle design 2

China best blow mold technology.

Make sure produce out plastic bottle best quality. Produce out mark clear and strong beauty plastic bottle.

Aim Best Quality Bottle Control

blue plastic pet mineral water bottle

To produce out the best quality plastic bottle. It will been like by bottle water customer. Then lead good business to the bottled water factory.

Large number of success project

ready for freight package bottled water
bottle water plant loading wrap bottle water into truck for freight to
mineral bottled water production line

NEPTUNE build large number of success water project in worldwide. NEP-1000 bottling plant make it easy to start bottled water business. It is complete bottling line from A to Z. And it is easy use and easy install.

Video of nep-1000bph small bottle filling and production line

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Main Machine List

  • BM-S2 Blow Molding machine
  • 12-12-1 Water Bottling Machine
  • 1000L/H RO Water Treatment Machine
  • Semi Labeling Machine
  • Semi Packing Machine
  • Hander Date Printer